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Get Certified

Setting High Standards for the Anti-Illicit Financial Flows Professionals

How to Get Certified

Become a Certified Anti-Illicit Financial Flows Professional (CAIFFP)

What is the GACAIFFP Certification?

The GACAIFFP's program focuses on officials serving Public Administration in developing countries, in a life sessions format.

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Who Should Apply?

  • Professional Bankers

  • Audits Professionals

  • Tax Inspectors

  • Custom Enforcement Officers

  • Compliance Officers

  • Legal Practitioners

  • Government Compliance Officer

  • Sanctions Specialist

  • Financial Investigators

  • Prosecutors

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Everyone will be certified and trained in...

  • Anti Money Laundering and Law

  • Trade Based Money Laundering Schemes and law

  • Fraud

  • Fraud Investigation/Examination

  • Forensic Accounting 

  • Tax evasion/ Transfer Mispricing

  • Cybercrimes 

  • Terrorism and Counterterrorism Financing 

  • Transnational crimes

  • Sanctions

  • Stolen Assets recovery

  • Corporate Compliance & Ethics

  • Anti-corruption and Anti-bribery

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